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  1. GE Healthcare-$660,000/170,000 sq ft

  2. Shire-$15,000/20,000 sq ft

  3. MIT LL-$72,000/38,000 sq ft

  4. Bayer-$94,000/150,000 sq ft

  5. GSK-$36,000/21,000 sq ft

  6. Biogen-$72,000/22,000 sq ft

  7. Amgen-$38,000/15,000 sq ft

  8. Algitron-$41,000/24,000 sq ft

  9. Celgene-$141,000/43,000 sq ft

  10. Genewiz-$12,000/8,000 sq ft

  11. Fresenius Medical-$30,000/12,000 sq ft

  12. United Health Group-$97,000/46,000 sq ft

  13. Akamai-$32,000/14,000 sq ft

  14. Metabolix-$87,000/120,000 sq ft

  15. Tufts Equine-Grafton-$68,000/22,000 sq ft

  16. Mustang Bio-$76,000/38,000 sq ft

  17. Millipore-$48,000/60,000

  18. Athena Health-$267,000/78,000 sq ft

  19. Allotex Lab-$26,000/14,000 sqt ft

  20. BU Grant Lab-$34,000/11,000 sq ft

  21. KeraLink-$27,000/15,000 sq ft

  22. Charles River Labs-$212,000/84,000 sq ft